blogging: as it turns out

I’ve been searching the internet, instagram and even tried logging into* my old blogspot account trying to find the very first blogs I started reading, as well as all the blogs I have been reading over the years…hoping to get some inspiration and to remind myself why I read them and why I started etc. And in doing so, I came across this post.

“I significantly underestimated the sacredness of this space.”

Hula seventy blog

It gave me all the fuzzy feelings about the blog and reminded me of times when I have read old posts and have been reminded of things the bois have done, funny things they’ve said and trips away that I’d forgotten about.

It also reminded me of the time Robb had done a collage of us all when he’d started at Dinas Bran. I asked him where he’d got all the photos from and he replied “Your blog, Mam!”.

Between the months of no posts…all the draft posts…the “shall I just delete it?” thoughts…there’s those little gems that remind me of all the reasons why I love this little space of mine…with hopefully more gems to come over the next few years…

“in a year, five years, maybe ten, I’ll read this and remember. what I know now, after nearly eighteen years of blogging, is that this is all that really matters.”

hula seventy blog

*I failed

{Day 4 of 100 days of joy}

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