Life is…

More or less a week in and my daily blogging sesh went a bit quiet. Not that I wanted it to…I kept making a mental note to do it when Mais has gone down for the night…when I get two minutes later on…or on my lunch break at work…but it just never happened…and then Covid did. Bleurgh. But then didn’t for me…phew.

Life is…it’s busy. But a good busy. So, in no particular order, here’s some small snippets of joy from the last week…autumn colours creeping in…a day full of rainbows…literally. Everywhere I looked there was one…moments of calm in the madness that is Clwb Trillo…snuggling into bed with a good book…cute play dates…parents evening…WI Darts Champions…a sudden {and very, very cute} obsession with “Eliffant”…Eating out with the girls…a morning run…with pretty cobwebs everywhere…an afternoon of faffing and tidying up the garden which resulted in an autumn wreath for our front door…

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