Day 21

On Friday, with Paul on his course and Robb at Uni, it was just Maisie and I. The weather wasn’t as nice as the previous day, so we headed to the Tate. They sold the Children’s play area to me very well, so we headed up there out of the drizzle. I’ve seen better…but hey, it kept Maisie entertained.

Not long after, a woman entered with her daughter who was around the same age as Maisie.

We got chatting.

Chatted some more.

Maisie wanted boob.

So did her daughter. (Her mams, not mine).

So, the two of us were sat there having a chat while our girls had a feed.

It turns out we were both the same age…both expecting our first babies at 21…have the same big age gap between our 2nd and 3rd children…had lockdown babies…3rd babies being the most successful when it came to breastfeeding…{was it our age?!…more relaxed?! either way, we wished it was this easy with the others}…we then realised we both have super soppy husbands who like to be really helpful while trying to slow down on the breastfeeding by giving tips like “awww, just give her some boobies...” It was weird, funny and lovely at the same time.

Not long after a woman walked in and asked if we minded her taking a photo of the room we were sat in. It was for a project she told us. We asked what it was about. Turns out she’s working on a breastfeeding project…“You should have come in here a few minutes earlier, we were both just feeding!” we told her, laughing.

“There’s a breastfeeding project over at the Open Eye Gallery” I said “I was there last time I visited”.

“Oh yes, I worked on that one too” said the woman who had just walked in.

“I was IN that project!” said the other Mam.

I never did get their names…but it was just a lovely moment between women coming together over babies and breastfeeding…and a drizzly day in Liverpool.

More of those please.

{Day 21 of 100 Days of Joy}

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