5 o’r Penwythnos

{5 from the weekend}

Yes, I know it’s Wednesday…and technically my weekend again {hello Monday to Wednesday working week!}…but, it’s been a minute. From cancelling plans last minute {as in on the way there} and heading back home with a screaming toddler {oh, hello strep…!} to Dad going in for an op and not coming out straight away, as planned/hoped, the last few days have been something to say the least.

But, with trying to find the good in the bad, here’s 5 from the weekend…or whenever it was…

1 :: Witnessing all the Dydd Gwyl Dewi Celebrations happening.

2 :: Dolgellau being the perfect spot to stroll around with Maisie. We were on our way to a WI event at Llanelltyd, so Dolgellau was just what we {she} needed to get rid of all those wriggles/niggles before having to sit quietly in a room for an hour. Girl did good! She sat there, ate every snack I’d bought for her, coloured her colouring in book as well as me, before making a beeline for our food!

3 :: Have I mentioned on here before about how much I Love Barmouth?!…maybe Here, here and here. Ha. And seeing as it was such a lovely evening following our WI event, Mais and I headed to Barmouth for ice cream. Of course she wanted ice cream even after eating anything and everything. An empty, sunny beach, as well as an empty ice cream shop, be gei di well?

4 :: Afternoon snuggles while I caught up with The White Lotus was the only good thing about Mais being ill.

5 :: I went and got myself a little mini greenhouse. I can’t wait to fill that baby up with all the goodies we’re getting from The Rose Press Garden subscription. We just need the snow to do one now…

And just like that, it was the weekend again! ;)

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