Hello, Iechyd Da and Croeso to Mascara & Mud.

What’s Mascara & Mud?  Born and raised in North Wales, my blog is somewhere to document my life and loves living in this beautiful country we get to call ‘adre’ {home}.

I love the outdoors and feel that I am living in one of the best places to experience it all; from gentle walks around villages to walking up & down the mountains and the surrounding forests, kayaking or SUPing on the lake nearby or the mini adventures with our two year old.  

I have previously collaborated with the Forest of Dean Tourist Association, Trespass, Asics, the Outdoor Bloggers network, Berghaus, Lighthouse Fashion, Buff and more and am always looking forward to new and exciting collaborations with great brands that fit me, my family and the blog.

As well as blogging about all of the above, I want to use it to also shout out about all of the great things Wales has to offer; the stunning picturesque places that surround us, the people {I love the people!}, the local food and drink, the clever creatives that have so much to offer and so on and so on. Not forgetting that great cake I baked or that book that I loved…and that cardigan I knitted which didn’t fit…

If any of the above interests you and you think you’ve got something to share or would like to collaborate with me somehow – please get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.

I hope this blog inspires you to get outdoors and visit places near and far.

Diolch am darllen.



13 thoughts on “Hello

  1. I see your from Wales! How neat! That’s where my dad’s family originated from. I have done a lot of genealogy research and I am very welsh with a whole lot of other stuff.. you know us Americans. ;)

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